Christopher Davis Constant Hawthorne

Welcome to the home page of cdchawthorne, mathematician and occasional computer scientist. Here you'll find my papers, course notes, and any other files I wish to make public.

"I go to cdchawthorne.com to relax and have fun."Samuel Baltz, 2018

"I also clearly go to cdchawthorne.com to relax and have fun." —John Sawatzky, 2019

About me

I study pure mathematics at the University of Waterloo; I'm currently working on my PhD under the supervision of Rahim Moosa. My main research interest is model theory, though I have been known to dabble in categorical logic, algebra, geometry, and formal languages. Miscellaneous interests include coding, biking, gaming, reading, juggling, climbing, and making music of one form or another.

I code when the mood takes me; I sometimes put the result on github.